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Actress Jane Fonda announced her cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment.

Jane Fonda reveals she is diagnosed with cancer

The 84-year-old Jane Fonda said she has non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s in a post to her 1.9 million Instagram followers. “A very treatable cancer… so I feel extremely lucky,” said Fonda of the disease.

The Hollywood legend claimed she would keep up her climate activism in her article and brought attention to the status of healthcare in the US. She expressed her feelings in her writing “I’m fortunate to have health insurance and access to the top healthcare providers.

“I am aware of my privilege in this, and it hurts. Almost every family in America has dealt with cancer at some point, and it is wrong that too many people lack access to the kind of high-quality medical treatment I do.”

Non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s is a less frequent malignancy that arises in the body’s extensive network of lymphatic arteries and glands. In a statement, Fonda stated that although she will have chemotherapy for six months, she “will not let any of this interfere with my climate work.”

The Oscar-winning actress made her acting debut in 1960 and went on to star in such movies as On Golden Pond, Nine to Five, and Barbarella. Her most recent appearance was in the Grace and Frankie comedy series on Netflix.

She started advocating against climate change more recently. In 2016, she celebrated Thanksgiving with the demonstrators in Standing Rock who were opposing the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Fonda highlighted the midterm elections in November, which will determine who will fill every seat in the US House of Representatives and little over one-third of the Senate.

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