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James Corden is no longer permitted to chow down at a renowned New York City eatery.

James Corden banned from NYC restaurants for mistreating employees

The proprietor of the upscale Manhattan restaurant Balthazar called the presenter of “The Late Late Show” aka James Corden a “little Cretin of a guy” and barred him from eating there ever again after accusing him of acting impolitely.

Since the restaurant’s opening 25 years ago, “[he’s] the rudest customer to my Balthazar employees,” wrote Keith McNally in a blistering Instagram post late on Monday.

“Today I 86’d Corden, something I don’t do very frequently. I did not chuckle at it,” he claimed.

McNally claimed that Corden, who has previously acknowledged having anger management problems, mistreated his employees by demanding freebies and shouting at them.

A manager reported that the initial altercation with James Corden took place in June. The comedian apparently consumed his main meal before pointing out a hair in his order to the waitress.

Get us another round of cocktails now, Corden ordered, according to McNally. “Also, take care of our current beverages. In this way, I may post any negative evaluations on Yelp or anywhere else.

He said to the New Yorker that “I started to act like a brat that I really don’t think I am.” That first rush of celebrity is so seductive, and in my opinion, it’s even more so if you weren’t raised for it.

He claimed that as a result of his actions, he actually saw a therapist, telling him at the first session that “I used to be a better guy than this.”

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