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In a video that has been spreading on social media today, YouTube content producer Jake Paul and boxer Andrew Tate are shown approaching one another with a referee in the midst.

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate's Boxing Match Teased

The preview trailer could be a hint to the potential YouTube star headliners of the upcoming event as the next major celebrity boxing battle has not yet been finalized. A viral teaser video suggests that Logan Paul’s brother Jake may be facing off against former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate, despite the fact that Logan recently hinted to a bout between the two during an interview.

Prior to being banned from social media for making debatable claims and statements a few years ago, Andrew Tate gained notoriety swiftly but has since faded from view. It seems like negotiations are still underway for the upcoming event that might include Andrew Tate versus Jake Paul.

Logan and Jake Paul have been well-known for their significant Boxing matches against other influencers and celebrities, including as Floyd Mayweather.

Andrew Tate hasn’t participated in an official match since 2020, while Jake Paul hasn’t faced a rival since he defeated Silva last month to extend his winning streak. The viral clip may indicate that the former influencer has been preparing for a battle with Jake Paul because a recent Logan Paul interview revealed that the kickboxer wants to get in some practice matches before accepting an opponent.

It’s not yet known if Logan Paul will ever headline a boxing event due to his involvement in the WWE, Impulsive, and other projects.

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