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After the fatal occurrence, authorities are considering prohibiting spectator attendance.

Indonesia: 129 fans killed after 'riots' at football match

The violence that erupted during a football game in the East Java province of Indonesia claimed the lives of at least 129 people, including two police officers, according to Indonesian authorities on Sunday.

34 people, according to East Java police head Nico Afinta, died in the stadium, and the remaining victims perished either en route to or within the hospital where they were receiving treatment.

More than 300 individuals were transported to surrounding hospitals for treatment following the violence, which the police described as “riots,” in total. Afinta stated that given the worsening conditions of certain patients receiving hospital care, he anticipated a rise in the number of fatalities.

After the home team, Arema FC, lost, enraged fans flooded the football field, sparking fights. Arema FC’s 3-2 loss to Persebaya Surabaya marked their first defeat to their fierce rival in more than 20 years.

The game was place in the Kanjuruhan stadium in the Malang neighborhood, and both teams are from the East Java region. After two police officers were slain, according to Afinta, police replied by firing tear gas rounds into the crowd.

At that moment, panic sprang in as hundreds of people attempted to flee through an escape gate, causing havoc. According to Afinta, 34 individuals were crushed to death at the stadium and some people suffocated.

The football competition will be put on hold for a week while an inquiry is conducted, according to the Football Association of Indonesia (PFFI). According to the PFFI, Arema FC was also prohibited from hosting home matches for the remainder of the campaign.

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