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Hollywood stars who nearly died on the set

Kate Winslet


Hollywood stars: Near death experience
As one enormous wave rushed for the actress and her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, her character's long, heavy coat became caught in a door. Winslet had to shake off the damp clothing to keep from drowning. The incident was completely overlooked by the director, James Cameron, who went on to shoot the following scene as if nothing had happened.

Scarlett Johansson


Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Scarlett Johansson had to leap off a moving vehicle in one of the scenes of the movie "Lucy." Johansson was dragged over the ground for a few feet before the driver recognized what was happening, after the bag she was carrying was hooked to the car.

Tom Cruise

The Last Samurai

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Tom Cruise nearly lost his head during a sword fight. It happened when Hiroyuki Sanada, his co-star, fell off a mechanical horse while wielding a large sword.

Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible

He shattered his ankle while trying to jump from one building to another. The incident might have turned out far worse.

Tom Hanks

Cast Away

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
The actor slashed his leg because he was so immersed in the film. Hanks didn't notice it until the wound began to infect, at which point he was taken to the hospital.

George Clooney


The actor had a spinal injury during filming a scene in which his character was being tormented. Clooney continues to have very bad headaches even today.

Uma Thurman

Kill Bill 2

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Recently, the actress said that Quentin Tarantino persuaded her to operate a vehicle in an action scenario she was unsure of. The actress suffered serious injuries when the automobile crashed as a result of an unforeseen road twist.

Mel Gibson


Hollywood stars: Near death experience
The 1000-pound animal landed on top of the actor after he fell off his horse. Fortunately for everyone, his stuntman noticed the mishap and saved him right away.

Viggo Mortensen

The Lord of the Rings

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
The intensity of the stream in a scenario where Aragorn is unconscious and floating down a river was greater than what the production had imagined.  Mortensen had to be rescued, and not without difficulty due to the heavy clothes he was wearing.

Charlize Theron

Aeon Flux

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
The actress landed on her neck after falling while performing some backflips for her performance. Physical paralysis was just a centimeter away for her.

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky IV

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Stallone's heart was violently forced up against his ribcage by one of the blows his imaginary foe delivered to the actor. The actor was hospitalized for nine days.

Brendan Fraser

The Mummy

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
It is possible to watch Brendan's character being hanged in a prison in one of the movie's opening scenes. Production actually tightened the rope a little bit more to make the scene seem more realistic. The actor started choking before going unconscious.

Michael J. Fox

Back to the Future III

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
The same thing occurred to Fox, who in another "hanged by the neck" moment nearly suffocated and ultimately collapsed from lack of air.

Harrison Ford

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Ford's leg was broken when a door from the famous millennium falcon collapsed on it. The accident forced the actor to take a few months off from work.

Hugh Jackman


Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Hugh Jackman is well aware that having razor-sharp claws is no laughing matter. The actor nearly scratched his left eye out of his face, leaving a lasting scar close to it. Additionally, while swinging out of a railway car, he almost fractured his neck.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Jennifer's character had to pass through a smoke-filled, inadequately ventilated tunnel. Production was put on hold for a few days when the actress nearly experienced serious intoxication.

Jackie Chan

Armour of God

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
The actor was supposed to perform a stunt by leaping from a wall into a tree, but the twig snapped, causing him to bang his head on a rock. He required surgery to have a small piece of his skull surgically removed from his brain.

Isla Fisher

Now You See Me

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Isla Fisher had to simulate a magic act by submerging herself in water, followed by breaking free of some cords. Although the actress had to play as though her character was drowning, in actuality, she was having a hard time rising to the surface. Fisher was so close to drowning that everyone else on set assumed she was just delivering a fantastic performance.

Jason Statham

The Expendables 3

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
When the three-ton wheeler the English actor was operating plunged into the Black Sea, he nearly perished. Statham is an Olympic-caliber diver, so he was fortunate to escape the truck unscathed.

Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
He traveled from one specific location to another while filming one of the episodes as his alter ego Pinkman. A large boulder fell where the actor had just been standing a short while afterwards.

Chevy Chase

Modern Problems

Hollywood stars: Near death experience
Chevy had some "landing lights" fitted to his torso for the scene in which the actor's character dreams that he is an airplane. He fell asleep as a result of the lights short-circuiting and the electricity coursing through his body.

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