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According to local authorities, a cargo jet has crashed close to Kavala in northern Greece.

Greece: Explosions after the cargo plane crashes

When it crashed on Saturday in Greece, an Antonov-12 owned by a business with roots in Ukraine was traveling from Serbia to Jordan. How many individuals were on board and whether there were any survivors were not immediately known.

The airplane was carrying a 12-tonne cargo, which the state television of Greece, ERT, described as potentially dangerous. Apparently experiencing engine trouble, the pilot requested an emergency landing at Kavala airport but was unable to make it to the runway. According to some reports, the airplane may have carried eight passengers.

A massive explosion is allegedly seen after the plane hits the ground in footage that purports to show the airliner already on fire as it was descending. Giorgos Archontopoulos, a local homeowner, told the ERT that he was startled by the aircraft’s engine noise at 22:45 (19:45 GMT). When I got outside, I noticed the engine was on fire.

According to various media accounts, witnesses reportedly reported hearing explosions. Seven fire engines, according to local officials, had been dispatched, but they were unable to reach the collision scene due to the ongoing explosions.

A fire department spokesman was quoted by Reuters as saying, “We are treating the cargo as dangerous stuff.” According to Reuters, the scene was being investigated by Greece’s special disaster response team.

Jordan, Serbia, and Ukraine have not yet made any public remarks.

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