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What exactly is a Gartic Phone? That appears to be a widespread question on the internet at the moment, as the game has surpassed some major games on Twitch TV and has generally been one of those “out of nowhere” games. In this article, we’ll go over what the game is and how to acquire it, so keep reading to learn more about the Gartic Phone game.

It’s a web game that’s gained a lot of popularity this year (2021). The game’s concept is simple: you play a Pictionary-style game in which you draw a statement, copy an image, or even make up a visual for others to describe…. Basically, you sketch something and leave it up to others to figure out what it is.

The game supports up to 30 people in a single lobby, making it ideal for friends looking for a fast game during a party. There are a total of 7 game modes available (with two more on the way), as well as custom options.

The following are the current modes:

Normal: This is the classic piece in which you simply draw between each player until your last turn.

No Rush: This permits all participants to finish their drawings, and the countdown only stops when the majority of the players have clicked “Done.”

Secret: During the game, the pictures and writing are hidden, creating an added level of challenge.

Speedrun: As the name implies, you’re racing against the clock to sketch as soon as possible.

KnockOff: This is the above-mentioned guessing game in which you must imitate someone else’s drawing.

Sandwich: This game mode will keep you writing and sketching nonstop till the finish of the game!

Crowd: This is a shorter version of the game in which each player takes fewer turns, reducing the overall length of the game.

The game is available on both iOS and Android. It was first released as a desktop game, but due to its growing popularity, you may now play it in your browser. Because it’s such a simple game, it doesn’t require any special hardware to play. The game’s only drawback is that it requires an internet connection to play.

Try your hand at this game; some people have found it to be highly entertaining, especially after a few drinks!

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