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Battle Royale mobile enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the Free Fire X Venom 2 cooperation in order to obtain exclusive in-game items.

'We Are Venom' streetwear bundle (Image via Free Fire)
“We are Venom” streetwear bundle

Free Fire has previously worked with a variety of public figures, businesses, and franchises. Street Fighter, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Cristiano Ronaldo, KSHMR, McLaren, Money Heist, One Punch Man, and a slew of others are among them. These collaborations have resulted in a slew of fresh and intriguing in-game events that keep players interested.

Garena has previously cooperated with well-known personalities, but this is their first film collaboration. Free Fire announced a cooperation with the highly anticipated Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which will begin on October 16th. This has players ecstatic, since Garena is anticipated to provide more information about it.

Players are anticipating the Free Fire x Venom partnership due to the film’s high level of buzz. Venom content, special items, and other treasures will be added as part of a dedicated in-game event (beginning October 16). Players will have the ability to obtain plenty of exclusive cooperation items, such as costume bundles and more, through events. More information will be released on Free Fire’s social media in the near future.

Carnage Tokens, which may be used to redeem rewards, must be collected by Free Fire players. These tokens can be obtained by completing the following missions between October 16 and October 24, 2021:

  • In any mode, they must play three matches.
  • Five opponents must be defeated by the players.
  • The players must spend at least 60 minutes playing the game.
  • In addition, mobile gamers will be required to play at least one game with their pals.

Aside from the above rewards, users can acquire the Venom Motorbike for free by participating in the Chaos Attack event in the Free Fire X Venom 2 cooperation.

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