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Fortnite is hoping to ride the excitement train with its latest game mode, a year after Innersloth’s Among-Us blew up in popularity.

Fortnite Impostor mode

Imposters is a new limited-time feature in Fortnite that allows players to scratch their Among Us itch without having to leave the battle royale. Two teams of eight agents and two imposters compete in each match. Fortnite Impostors appears to be following the same whodunit concept, with up to ten players being dropped off at “The Bridge,” a secret facility on the battle royale island. Eight players will act as agents, attempting to keep things going well while two devious impostors attempt to disrupt everything.

The event takes place in The Bridge, a new internal map. To make it to the end of the match safely, the agents must perform a number of tasks. Naturally, the imposters are on hand to sabotage the scheme. When a body is discovered, everyone who is still living gathers to express their suspicions and vote on who they believe is responsible for the crime.

You have a few tricks in your sleeve as an imposter to take the opposition team off guard. You can transport everyone to a different area on the map and make both agents and imposters appear like Fortnite’s banana mascot Peely. You now have the ability to interrupt the progress of any assignments the other players are working on in and around The Bridge, just as you did in Among Us.

Agents will also be able to be eliminated by impostors, with victory being given if all of the good guys are eliminated before they are discovered. Aside from the addition of a banana who has officially appeared in federal court, it all seems very Among Us. However, the teaser trailer for it is really good, depicting a damaged office of a treacherous Agent Jones before everything goes to hell.

The Fortnite Impostors event has already begun, but there is no news on how long it will last. Recently, the battle royale has seen a full-fledged Ariana Grande performance, a Free Guy collaboration, and an unexpectedly NSFW emote, all in the span of a few weeks.

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