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 Lisbon:  Portugal, a revenue collection of NPR 5 crores 22 lakhs has been generated from the Rahadani service camp, which was organized to address various issues faced by Nepali nationals residing there.

The non-residential Nepali Ambassador to Portugal and the Nepali Ambassador to France, Deepak Adhikari, provided information regarding the revenue collection from the camp held for approximately a month in the capital city, Lisbon. Around 2,308 Nepali individuals directly applied for the issuance of electronic passports (E-passports) through the registration system at the camp. After the completion of the Rahadani process, the concerned individuals will be made available at the non-residential Nepali Embassy in Lisbon.

A team led by Ranjita Dahal, an official from the Rahadani Department, along with technical expertise, coordinated and facilitated the Rahadani service at the non-residential Nepali Embassy in Lisbon. The representative from the Nepali Embassy in Paris, France, also participated in the team. The camp, which was operational from March 29 to April 25, collected and compiled applications for Rahadani, including those related to renewal, damage, loss, and the establishment of Rahadani for Nepali nationals born in Portugal.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, considering the absence of Rahadani and related documentation problems faced by Nepali nationals, made special arrangements in Portugal and informed that the majority of Nepali nationals benefited from the camp despite the ongoing challenges. “Many Nepali nationals who come to European countries usually settle in Portugal. If they do not secure Rahadani in Portugal, their documentation-related issues increase. It is not possible to carry out any paperwork processes without Rahadani in foreign countries. It becomes even more problematic when there is no embassy present. Therefore, to keep Rahadani secure, one must be cautious and careful themselves,” said the official.

Considering the high cost and complexity involved in establishing electronic Rahadani, the official mentioned the difficulty of organizing camps frequently and suggested that individuals should ensure the safety of their Rahadani documents and preserve them properly.

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