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Riyadh:  The first Arab female space traveler has reached the International Space Station (ISS). In the second private mission of Exiom Space, two Saudis, including Reyanah Burnawi, became the first Arab female space travelers.

She launched from the United States on Sunday aboard a SpaceX Falcon rocket, spending 10 days in space. During this duration, the 34-year-old biomedical scientist had plans to conduct stem cell and breast cancer research. Her journey aims to inspire Middle Eastern women.

In a video recorded before her arrival at the ISS, she said, “For people around the world, the future is very bright. I wish for you to dream big, believe in yourself, and have faith in humanity.”

As part of the Exiom Mission-2, Burnawi is accompanied by fellow Saudi mission specialist Ali Al-Karni. He is the second male astronaut from the Gulf region to journey into space. They are joined by two American commanders, Peggy Whitson and pilot Jon Shapner, in their team.

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