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Fira de onda records its first death after covid

A 55-year-old man died after being gored during a bull-running event in Onda, Spain’s easternmost town. At the Fira de Onda festival, the man was repeatedly attacked by the bull, leaving him with a head wound and an arterial puncture in his left thigh.

He died at a hospital in Villareal, a nearby town. Onda council announced that all bull-running events at the town’s festival had been canceled, but that other activities would go on as planned. It was the first fatality of its kind since similar incidents occurred in Spain after Covid limits were relaxed over the summer.

Fira de Onda: Man dies in a bull running event

Despite the regulatory revisions, only a few bull-running events have taken place, as discussion in Spain about whether they should be abolished heats up.The ritual has long been a part of Spanish culture. Similar bull runs take place in neighboring France and Portugal. Crowds of participants run in front of a herd of bulls unleashed in a portion of town during the activities. The bulls are then taken to contentious bull-fighting events at various festivals.

Bull runs are rife with injuries. At least 16 runners have died at the San Fermn festival in Pamplona since 1910.

Fira de Onda: Man dies in a bull running event

Onda holds its fiestas patronales, or patron saint festivals, during the last week of October and the preceding weekend in honor of Santsimo Salvador, Virgen de la Esperanza, and San Roque. The many events organized for people of all ages, ranging from parades and activities to workshops, concerts, and other types of entertainment, create a buzz on the streets.

The bull events held during Fira de onda, particularly the running of the bulls, are also immensely popular. The event consists of a race through the streets of the town in front of a swarm of bulls.

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