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FIFA said on Friday that semi-automated offside technology will be used at this year’s World Cup, promising speedier and more accurate decisions.

FIFA: Semi-automated offside technology to be used at the World Cup 2022

FIFA said the technology will go a long way toward reducing the number of ongoing Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decisions on marginal offside rulings and shorten the time needed to check using cameras placed strategically around the stadiums and a chip in the match ball.

FIFA has spent the last few years enhancing the VAR system, including the deployment of semi-automated offside technology, in collaboration with adidas and a number of partners, particularly the Working Group for Innovation Excellence and technology vendors.

  • System provides an automated offside alert to the video match officials team
  • 3D animation improves communication to in-stadium fans and television viewers
  • Technology has been successfully tested at previous FIFA tournaments

The chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, Pierluigi Collina, stated at a news conference that “we have been working on a more consistent use of VAR, particularly concerning the line of intervention.”

“We are aware that checks or reviews can occasionally be excessively lengthy, particularly when it comes to offside.” FIFA revealed the so-called SAOT as the solution, which will give the game a futuristic, space-age feel and allow viewers to see some 3D animation when the VAR judgments are communicated on a stadium’s huge screen.

The equipment was anticipated to be authorized for the World Cup in Qatar from November 21 to December 18 after having already undergone testing at two competitions over the previous seven months. It will be utilized throughout the tournament’s venues.

It uses 12 specialized tracking cameras set beneath a stadium’s roof to track the ball and up to 29 data points from each participant, 50 times per second, to determine their precise location on the field. All limbs and extremities important for calling offsides are represented in the 29 data points that were gathered.

In order to verify that the new technology can be used in the world of football, the statement claimed that additional testing would be carried out in the upcoming months to “fine-tune the system before a global standard is established.”

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