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Bungie’s new name system, which is preventing crossplay in Destiny 2, is another another attempt to bring the Destiny 2 community together across platforms.

Bungie has teased a lot of stuff in the works to keep Destiny 2 developing over the previous few months. Full class reworks, an improved Crucible vision, and additional ways to earn prizes are just a few of the things players can expect from the Witch Queen expansion, which will be released in 2022.

However, crossplay will be one of the most significant changes when Season 15 launches on August 24, and Bungie has provided a detailed sketch for how a new name system will assist simplify the cross-platform experience when crossplay launches. In the most recent This Week at Bungie post, Bungie discussed the new name system, dubbed Bungie Name. The document focuses on crossplay, describing how matching will function and the constraints that will be implemented to level the playing field between console and PC players.

However, the Bungie Name system, which will act as a player’s unifying Destiny 2 ID across platforms, was given a lot of attention. The Bungie Name system is being implemented to address any potential “identity crisis” in the game for users who are already cross-saved across several platforms. Bungie stated that at the start of Season 15, there will be a “one-time naming rearrangement” to establish a single name that will act as a player’s ID for Destiny 2 crossplay.

The name will be made up of the player’s “display name,” a hash, and a number ID that will appear on the player’s profile regardless of platform. All players’ names will be vetted as part of the name reshuffle to check for any characters that can’t be shown and any offensive phrases, according to Bungie. If either is discovered, they will be erased, and the player’s Bungie Name will be the final, altered name upon entering crossplay.

Bungie warned that the ultimate result might be the creation of a generic “Guardian[Random Number]” to serve as a player’s Bungie Name. The studio also stated that a name-changing feature will not be available right now, and that anyone with a dubious name should alter it before Season 15 begins.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox One S/X.

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