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Kentucky Tornadoes collapsed an occupied candle factory in Kentucky, an Amazon warehouse in western Illinois, and a nursing home in Arkansas

The death toll from the devastating storms that wreaked havoc on Kentucky towns is expected to top 100, according to the governor, as hope of finding survivors fades. With at least 80 confirmed deaths, Andy Beshear stated this was the most deadly tornado event in the state’s history.

“Nothing that was in the direct path of [one] tornado is still standing,” he explained.

In four other states, fourteen people have died. President Joe Biden has declared Kentucky a major federal disaster and ordered federal relief to be delivered to the hardest-hit communities.

Death toll expected to cross 100 due to Kentucky tornadoes

While crews gave water and generators to people, rescue workers combed the debris for survivors. More than 300 National Guard members were going door to door clearing debris. Since Saturday morning, however, no one has been found alive. Mr. Beshear stated that a tornado wreaked havoc along its 227-mile (365-kilometer) route. Thousands of people had been affected.

The previous record for the longest tornado in the United States was a 219-mile storm in Missouri in March 1925, which killed 695 people. Outside of the spring and summer months, huge events like this are relatively rare.

Death toll expected to cross 100 due to Kentucky tornadoes

The fire station and the city hall in Mayfield were both destroyed. “I don’t believe there is a single pane of glass in any of the city’s vehicles or properties that isn’t smashed,” Mayor Kathy Stewart said. A candle factory was hit when 110 employees were reported to be inside, according to a company spokeswoman who spoke to the Reuters news agency. Eight more people were unaccounted for.

Because the statistics are significantly lower than expected, the governor’s death toll estimate may be revised downward. Kyanna Parsons Perez, a factory worker who posted a desperate call for aid on Facebook from beneath the rubble, told the BBC that other factory workers have also been affected.

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