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On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered in a park in Colombia to support a homosexual couple who had been attacked after sharing a public kiss.

Colombia: People organized kiss-a-thon to support gay couples

In a park in Bogota, Colombia, same-sex couples organized a kiss-a-thon when they were accosted by a group of ladies, one of whom was carrying a broomstick. The event was denounced by Bogotá’s mayor.

In 2016, Colombia legalized same-sex unions, although homophobic assaults are still frequent. People gathered in the park in the capital’s Engativá neighborhood holding posters that said, “Kisses are signs of affection, not a crime.”

Couples kissed and celebrated while raising rainbow flags. The demonstration was organized online after a video of two young homosexual men being ejected from a park by incensed locals on Friday went viral.

The couple can be heard being yelled at by ladies in the video as they inform them that “in our neighborhood we don’t allow sex in the park, especially not in front of children.” The young men claim they had simply kissed and inquire, “What sex?”

One of the women can be heard yelling, “If you don’t go, we’ll lynch you,” while the two sides exchange insults. David Alonzo, the officer in charge of sexual diversity in Bogota, confirmed that an investigation was underway after the incident was reported by the pair.

The first openly homosexual mayor of Bogota, Claudia López, declared on Twitter that she will “fight until equality is the norm.”

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