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After a Covid outbreak caused staff to lock down at the workplace, workers have escaped Apple’s largest iPhone production plant in China.

China: Workers run away from Covid lockdown the iPhone factory

About ten workers were seen in a video posted online climbing a barrier outside the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, which is located in the heart of China. The strict zero-Covid policy of Chinese President Xi Jinping is still causing problems for the country’s citizens and enterprises.

How many Covid instances have been found at the factory is unknown. According to the Reuters news agency, Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s Henan province, recorded 167 locally transmitted diseases last week, up from 97 the week before.

According to a statement released by Foxconn on Sunday, “the government decided to restore dine-in meals to increase the convenience and enjoyment of lives of workers.”

As a result, part of the city of around 10 million people was placed under a rigorous lockdown as China continues to combat Covid. With hundreds of thousands of employees at its Zhengzhou site, Foxconn serves as a supplier to US-based Apple but has not released an official estimate of how many of them are affected.

On Sunday, the Taiwan-based corporation asserted that it would not prevent employees from quitting. On October 19, Foxconn declared that all dine-in catering will be prohibited at the Zhengzhou factory and that employees would now be compelled to eat in their rooms.

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