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Britney Spears has informed a US court that she intends to file charges against her father Jamie for alleged “conservatorship abuse.”

“I’ve come to lay accusations. I’m furious, and I’ll go there, “On Wednesday, the singer said over the phone to a lawyer. Britney Spears made the emotional remark after a judge in Los Angeles determined that she can choose her own lawyer in her fight to break the contentious legal arrangement.

A court can appoint a conservator for someone who is unable to make their own decisions. Conservatorship abuse might include financially abusing someone in your care or imposing severe personal limitations. If a court finds that there has been abuse, the conservator may be dismissed or suspended, and financial penalties such as restitution payments and legal fees may be imposed.

She made a dramatic petition in court last month, demanding that her father be removed from the legal arrangement that has ruled over her affairs for years.

On Wednesday, she reiterated, “You’re letting my father to ruin my life.” “I need to get rid of my father and file a conservatorship abuse case against him.”

The pop star’s request to have her father removed from his post as conservator was dismissed by a judge last month. Judge Brenda Penny stated that she would not be able to make a decision until the singer filed a formal petition to dissolve the contract.

The artist stated that eliminating her father from the legal structure that governs her personal and financial affairs was her primary concern. She stated that she did not want to be subjected to a “stupid” medical examination and that she would be “pleased” if co-conservator Jodi Montgomery remained.

The singer also admitted to the court that she was “very afraid” of her father, who is a recovering alcoholic, and that she thought he would “show up drunk somewhere and embarrass me” at any time.

At last month’s hearing, the singer, a mother of two, stated that she wanted to marry her fiancé and have another child, but that the conservatorship would prevent her from doing so. She claimed she was denied the removal of a contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD) in order to avoid becoming pregnant. According to the lawyers, the father was “worried” about his daughter’s safety.

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