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Boris Johnson has praised proposals to provide additional military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

As the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, is under attack by Russian soldiers, Britain is among more than 25 countries that have pledged to continue supplying armaments. Protests and vigils in support of Ukraine are taking place in London and Manchester, among other cities. Ukraine anticipates “days, weeks, and months” of intense battle, according to armed forces minister James Heappey. He told the BBC, “It’s going to be harsh.” “On our television screens, we’re going to see some horrific things.”

At a conference organized by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace on Friday, countries like the United States and Canada agreed to equip Ukraine with ammunition, anti-tank weapons, and humanitarian aid. According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the UK has also offered to conduct logistics operations to assist in the delivery of donations.

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“We must join with the Ukrainian people as they protect their country and democracies everywhere,” the prime minister said, adding that he was “pleased that even more allies have stepped forward with defense and humanitarian aid.” Mr Heappey said he couldn’t go into specifics about how the additional aid would be delivered to Ukraine, but that it may be “on its way right now.”

Outside the Russian Embassy in London, one of the vigils is taking place. “Russia, halt the war,” “Putin, stop the war,” and “leave Ukraine alone” have been chanted. On Saturday, supporters of Ukraine will rally at Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, as well as elsewhere in the UK. On Sunday, there will be further vigils. In a show of solidarity with Ukraine, buildings around the country, including London icons such as the London Eye and 10 Downing Street, have been brightly lit in yellow and blue this week.

Mr Heappey told the BBC that the UK is still pushing for Russia to be removed from the Swift system of international financial transfers, but that more diplomacy is needed to reach a deal. Mr Heappey further stated that if Ukraine is finally overwhelmed, the MoD is working on measures to help a resistance movement and a government in exile. When asked if the UK will welcome Ukrainian refugees, he stated Home Secretary Priti Patel’s response was “work in progress.”

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