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Bob Saget died after suffering an accidental blow to the head, his family has revealed.

The Full House star, Bob Saget “accidently banged the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it, and went to sleep,” according to a statement. Authorities had found that narcotics and alcohol were not factors in his death, according to the report. Last month, Saget, 65, was discovered dead in his Ritz Carlton hotel room in Orlando, Florida.

“We have been overwhelmed by the amazing outpouring of love from Bob’s admirers in the weeks since Bob’s departure, which has been a huge comfort to us and for which we are eternally grateful,” the family statement continued. “Now that the authorities’ inquiry has come to a conclusion, we believed it was only fair that the fans hear those results straight from us.”

Bob Saget had three daughters from a previous marriage and had been married to Kelly Rizzo Saget since 2018.On the evening of January 9, hotel personnel discovered him motionless in his bed, and paramedics confirmed him dead at the spot. Authorities indicated at the time that the death of the Philadelphia native was not being investigated as suspicious.

Bob Saget : Comedian's cause of death

His funeral, which was attended by a slew of celebrities, took place in California last month. Saget, a veteran stand-up comedian, had recently begun a new tour across the United States, appearing in Jacksonville, Florida the day before his death.

Although many comedians admired him for his caustic and frequently cutting performance, he was best known in the United States for his role in the heartwarming sitcom Full House, in which he co-starred with John Stamos and fellow comic Dave Coulier. In recent years, he has gained popularity among younger generations as the narrator of the television show How I Met Your Mother and for his cameo appearances on the TV series Entourage as a highly fictionalized version of himself. A slew of Hollywood icons paid respect to his demise.

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