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Now available for $18 each or $65 for all four glosses, “Get Me Hot Buffalo,” “Sweet Chile Kiss,” “Be My Honey Pepper,” and “Honey-BBQ-T.”

Applebee's are now selling chicken-wing flavored LIP GLOSS

Now THIS is a pairing we never anticipated. This new Applebee’s collaboration might be for you if you enjoy the flavor of chicken and immaculate cosmetics.

The well-known American restaurant Applebee’s has partnered with Winky Lux: Saucy Gloss to produce four different colored lip balms that taste like various chicken varieties frequently found at the eatery, according to Applebee’s website.

Both companies designed the sauces to commemorate National Chicken Wing Day and National Lipstick Day, respectively. The gloss is said to be a surefire hit with the public. The website stated, “Swipe them on and everyone will want to taste your face.”

The available glosses are listed below:

GET ME HOT BUFFALO A creamy coral with a spicy kick that your ex could never manage.

SWEET CHILE KISS A deep, rich red that puts the “mmm” in make out and is caressed with tiny, golden Chilean flecks.

BE MY HONEY PEPPER – You’ll rule date night with this stunning, golden honey-spiced gloss with sparkling flecks.

HONEY BBQ-T – Your kisses will have a glossy, Smokey barbecue hue with a side of honey sweetness.

The four balms will be available for purchase on the Winky Lux website for fans.

Warning: After use, lips may be extremely kissable. As long as supplies last; seize the moment while it’s hot, hot, hot. Glosses should not be consumed. For that, honey, come to Applebee’s,” the website said.

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