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Before his in-game appearance in August, EA and Respawn Entertainment have released a surprise new trailer showcasing the impending playable legend, Seer.

Today, publisher EA and developer Respawn published a new Lore trailer featuring Seer, the Apex Legends’ newest Legend. The character has a moth motif and appears to have some sort of hidden tie to the Apex realm. “Will Obi’s brightness survive and emerge from the darkness?” a negative omen thrown over his birth. according to the blurb. What a dreadful prospect.

Apex Legends is an exciting FPS battle royale that thrives on its intriguing characters, and Respawn appears to be releasing them as well as new content with increasing frequency. The trailer primarily emphasizes the importance of eyes and seeing, hinting at Seer’s potential skills. The field is suitably set for Seer’s arrival, with boasts like “one glance will transform a mountain to dust,” “a monarch to a beggar,” and “an ocean to a desert.” Seer uses microdrones and an artist’s eye in addition to his undiscovered skills to see things that other legends may have missed.

Seer’s character design, like that of so many other legends before him, is top-notch, regardless of what skills and playstyle he employs. Seer will be released alongside the “Emergence” update, which will include a new weapon, an updated World’s Edge map, and a new Emergence rank for the truly competitive. Finally, in addition to the traditional battle royale mode, there will be a new Arenas mode.

Teaser for the new champion “Seer”

According to a press statement, Robert Valley, an award-winning cartoonist, animator, and filmmaker, collaborated on this latest addition to the Apex Legends roster ( who you may know from the likes of Tron: Uprising, Love, Death & Robots, and Pear Cider and Cigarettes).

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