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The new event brings back the Armed and Dangerous LTM and offers plenty of free rewards in addition to 40 cosmetic items.

Apex legends Anime-Themed Gaiden Event Starts Today

Today, July 19, a special Apex Legends event with an anime theme will start in earnest. Respawn recently revealed the Gaiden event, which will provide new skins and other incentives to acquire over the coming weeks. This confirms claims that have been circulating since an earlier leak.

It does feature a Prestige skin for Bangalore, even though Respawn has not classified it as a Collection Event (one that awards players with an Heirloom weapon if they collect all 24 premium cosmetics). Additionally, the venerable shotty-sniper LTM known as Armed and Dangerous, which recently made its debut in Apex Legends Mobile, will make a comeback in the console/PC version of Apex. Here is a closer look at each of the distinctive elements that will be available in Apex Legends when the Gaiden event launches.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous, the first LTM released by Apex, will be made available once more and be playable for the duration of the Gaiden event. With the exception of the Charge Rifle, Kraber, Longbow, Sentinel, EVA-8, Peacekeeper, Mastiff, and Mozambique, this mode removes all weapons from the treasure pool. Throwable weapons will still be included in the treasure pool, but the Triple Take won’t be included since it was changed from a throwable to a marksman weapon in 2021.

Armed and Dangerous is a great method to practice using shotguns and snipers, or merely to complete a few of the battle pass challenges that are only available with these weapons this season. Starting on July 19, players can access the resurrected LTM on the Olympus, Storm Point, and World’s Edge maps.

Here is a trailer of the Gaiden event:

Flash Events and free rewards

Week One: July 19 – 26

  • An event-exclusive transition screen
  • A total of 22 battle pass stars
  • Epic-tier Down Thunder Fuse skin
  • Bionic Buddy gun charm
  • Epic-tier Cloudburst 30-30 Repeater weapon skin

Week Two: July 26 – August 2

  • 19 battle pass stars
  • 50 Crafting Metals
  • 1 Apex Pack
  • Okay holospray
  • 1 Gaiden Event Pack

Players will earn enough battle pass stars after completing both reward tracks to unlock four battle pass levels.Players will earn enough battle pass stars after completing both reward tracks to unlock four battle pass levels.

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