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After a 10-year-old girl was “asked” to put a penny to the prongs of a half-inserted plug, Amazon updated its Alexa voice assistant.

Alexa made the proposal after the girl requested for a “task to do.” “Plug a phone charger halfway into a power outlet, then place a penny on the exposed prongs,” the smart speaker instructed. Amazon stated that it corrected the problem as soon as it was made aware of it. Kristin Livdahl, the girl’s mother, reported the incident on Twitter.

She stated, ” “We were doing some physical challenges from a [physical education] teacher on YouTube earlier, such as laying down and rolling over while holding a shoe on your foot. It’s raining outside. She simply want another.”

That’s when the Echo speaker advised taking part in a contest it had “discovered on the internet.” Around a year ago, the deadly practice known as “the penny challenge” started circulating on TikTok and other social media websites. Inserting metals into live electrical sockets can result in electric shocks, fires, and other complications.

In 2020, Michael Clusker, station manager at Carlisle East fire station, told The Press newspaper in Yorkshire, “I know you can lose fingers, hands, arms.” “As a result of this, someone will be gravely injured.” Firefighters in the United States have also spoken out against the challenge.

Her daughter, on the other hand, was “too smart to do anything like that,” she claimed. She also hoped that the event would teach her daughter the proper way to deal with the internet and internet-connected devices. Amazon said in a statement to the BBC that Alexa has been adjusted to prevent the assistant from advising such behavior in the future.

“Customer trust is at the heart of everything we do,” Amazon said in a statement. “Alexa is designed to offer accurate, relevant, and helpful information to consumers.” “As soon as we realized the problem, we acted quickly to correct it.”

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