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Kathmandu : Napoli wins ‘A’ title of Italian series after 33 years. Napoli won the Serie A title for the third time by beating Udinese 2-1. Earlier, Napoli had won this title in 1989 and 1990 under Diego Maradona’s leadership.

In the game played on Thursday night at Dacia Arena in Udine, Udinese had taken the lead in the first half from a goal by Sandro Lobrich. However, in the 52nd minute of the second half, Victor Osimhen scored a goal to level the game for Napoli. In order to win the title, Napoli needed to score a decisive goal and they did so, with the help of their crucial goal scorer.

Along with winning the league championship, Napoli has also won three different team championships in the last three seasons. While Juventus has a record of winning the Serie A title for nine consecutive seasons, in the last three seasons, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Napoli have won the title.”

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