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Taliban disagreeing on extension of the Afghan evacuation mission.

When the US withdraws on August 31, according to Ben Wallace, troops will leave Kabul’s airport. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will seek US President Joe Biden for an extension of that deadline at an emergency summit of G7 world leaders on Tuesday, in order to accommodate extra flights. However, a Taliban spokesman stated that the group would not approve a deadline extension.

Suhail Shaheen stated that an extension would mean that the occupation of Afghanistan would be extended, and he warned of the consequences if this were to alter.

Thousands of people are claimed to be waiting to board planes at Kabul’s international airport, barely over a week after the Taliban took control of the country’s capital. Afghanistan’s citizens and the rest of the world were stunned by the Taliban’s quick takeover. It occurred after foreign soldiers announced their withdrawal in response to a settlement between the US and the Taliban, two decades after American-led forces had driven the extremists out.

According to BBC Breakfast’s James Heappey, 6,631 individuals have been evacuated to the UK in the last week, with nine flights scheduled for the next 24 hours.

Afghanistan evacuation tension rises

He claimed roughly 1,800 “qualifying people,” or UK passport holders, remained in Afghanistan, along with 2,275 Afghans who can be relocated after working for the UK government, and a list of “broader Afghan civil society” people that “we would like to get out if we can.”

“There are people trying to take advantage of this process to get into the UK to cause us harm,” he said.

Airport inspections are required for UK security, according to the minister, who added that “people right now in Kabul are trying to get aboard British aircraft that we have recognized in our checks as being on the UK no-fly list.”

Britain has been lobbying the US behind the scenes for an extension of the Kabul airlift. It won’t be for long – only a few days. This short time frame would allow evacuation flights to continue for the remainder of this week, while providing the military a few extra days to pack up and leave next week.

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