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Numerous children are feared dead following the earthquake in Afghanistan.

More than 1,000 people lost their lives in the disaster, and rescue efforts are being hampered by persistent rain, depleted supplies, and difficult terrain. The magnitude 6.1 earthquake left unknown numbers of people buried beneath the debris of destroyed, frequently mud-built dwellings.

A woman in the Paktika province hospital revealed to reporters that she had lost 19 family members. She spoke from her bed, stating that her family had lost seven people in one room, five in another, four in another, and three in another.

More international aid has been requested by the Taliban administration. Communication networks also take a significant damage.

According to a Taliban spokesman reported by Reuters news agency, “We can’t access the area – networks are too weak.” The United Nations is one among the organizations scurrying to get food and shelter to isolated sections of Paktika.

There was a rumbling and my bed began to shake,” a survivor called Shabir told the BBC.

“The ceiling fell down. I was trapped, but I could see the sky. My shoulder was dislocated, my head was hurt but I got out. I am sure that seven or nine people from my family, who were in the same room as me, are dead.”

According to survivors and rescuers who spoke to the BBC, villages close to the epicenter of the earthquake were entirely devastated, along with highways and cell phone towers. They also expressed their concern that the dead toll will continue to grow. According to officials, there were also around 1,500 injuries.

The Gayan and Barmal districts of Paktika have seen the most of the casualties thus far. Locals claim that numerous villages have collapsed.

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