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Blast occured in south-western Burkina Faso, killing about 60 people and injuring dozens.

Burkina Faso: An explosion at a temporary gold mine in a southwestern village killed about 60 people, local officials said. According to witnesses, an explosion occurred in a market with a gold mine when the dynamite stored there ignited.

Images from the crime scene show huge craters, destroyed houses, and bodies lying on the ground.Many of the dozens of injured have been evacuated to the Gaua Regional Hospital Center. It is said that some of the victims are women and children, AFP reports. Investigation of the case on Mondaybegan after a local prosecutor visited the scene. Burkina Faso is one of Africa’s largest gold producers, with many mines operated by international companies, as well as informal mines without surveillance or regulation.

60 Killed in a Gold mine blast in Burkina Faso

BBC West Africa correspondent Nicholas Negose states that gold has surpassed Burkina Faso’s cotton to become the largest exporter since 2009. In 2020, the country produced 45 to 54 tonnes of gold in 2019, according to the ministry responsible formines and quarries. This is a 20% increase.Fatal accidents such as roof collapse are common in informal mines in many African countries. A massive explosion in nearby Ghana killed at least 13 people last month after a truck carrying explosives crashed into a motorcycle at a gold mine.

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