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Dhaka:  In an unprecedented move, 5 lakh Bangladeshis have been relocated to a safe place as a precautionary measure against the unimaginable “Mokha” cyclone. With the potential devastation caused by the cyclone named “Mokha” developing in the Bay of Bengal, 5 lakh ordinary people have been shifted to a secure location.

According to international communication channels, the Bangladeshi government has constructed 1,500 temporary shelters to protect against the potential wrath of the cyclone. This includes the relocation of 5 lakh individuals.

The cyclone named “Mokha,” which is expected to travel approximately 170 kilometers per hour, could significantly impact the Cox’s Bazar market in Bangladesh, leading to the establishment of these shelters. Weather experts predict that the cyclone will intensify further after Sunday evening, causing substantial damage to the Cox’s Bazar area. Around 1 million refugees are currently residing in temporary camps in the same market.

As heavy rainfall continues to affect Bangladesh, the government has requested assistance through Myanmar to ensure the safety of those in vulnerable areas. Furthermore, continuous red flag warnings have been issued, accompanied by sirens, in regions prone to being affected, such as Cox’s Bazar. It has been advised to remain vigilant as the “Mokha” cyclone is expected to remain active for a few more days, possibly exacerbating flood situations. The general public is urged to prioritize their safety.

Bangladesh has taken the strongest cyclone, “Mokha,” in the last two decades.

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