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Western Europe hit with some of the worst flooding in decades, at least 120 people have died and hundreds more are missing throughout Western EU.
120 dead and hundreds missing due to Europe Flood.

Europe flood: Rivers burst their banks due to heavy rains, wreaking havoc on the region. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, where the death toll has risen to over 100, has called for a resolute fight against climate change. In Belgium, at least 20 people have died. Also affected are the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

Europe Flood is caused by a variety of variables, but climate change is increasing the likelihood of catastrophic rainfall. Since the beginning of the industrial period, the planet has warmed by around 1.2 degrees Celsius, and temperatures will continue to rise unless governments around the world drastically reduce emissions.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has announced July 20 to be a national day of mourning in Belgium.

120 dead and hundreds missing due to Europe Flood.

“We’re still waiting for the ultimate toll,” he continued, “but this could be the worst flooding our country has ever seen.”

In order to assist with the search and rescue, 15,000 police, military, and emergency service personnel have been dispatched in Germany. Entire villages have been destroyed, and officials in the Ahrweiler district of western Germany estimate that up to 1,300 people are missing.

According to the BBC, Gregor Jericho, a native of Rheinbach in North Rhine-Westphalia, said: “It’s a very sad scene. Streets, bridges and some buildings are destroyed. There’s garbage everywhere.

“Parts of buildings are in the road, people are sitting and crying. It’s so sad. People have lost their homes, their cars are in fields flooded. My city looks like a battle has taken place.”

120 dead and hundreds missing due to Europe Flood.

Cars were carried away along a street in the Belgian city of Verviers in spectacular footage of the floodwaters. Because of the possibility of looting, a curfew was imposed overnight.

On Thursday, residents of Liège, Belgium’s third-largest city after Brussels and Antwerp, were told to evacuate. Those who are unable to evacuate should seek refuge on the top levels of their buildings, according to local officials.

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